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Below the remarks for my OpenSource Project "GUMA":
Date: Comments:
2007-08-22 Source-v0.1.0 is deployed and ready for download.
2007-08-17 Binary-v0.1.0 is depoyed and ready for download.
2007-08-17 GUMA v0.1.0 (Alpha) is released.
2007-06-13 Projectstart and register on Sourceforge.net
Project: GUMA is a GPRS-Gateway written in C#. It contains a terminal using for serial communication a screen to do phonecalls over the GPRS-USB Modem and a SMS-Application to send SMS form GPRS USB-Modem to Cellphone. Parameters are Portname, Baudrate, Parity, Databits, Stopbits, Write-/Readtimeout, Pin.
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